We design the marine propulsion of tomorrow

Powerful, automated, zero-carbon

Using directly the power of wind to assist your ship's engine, our wing-sails generate considerable fuel savings and allow you to face the future GHG emissions regulations.

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The perfect shape

Our patented technology allows us to design a thick, assymetrical wing-sail able to change tack to use port and starboard winds.

The exceptional lift-to-drag ratio allows it to use wind power by almost all wind conditions, including on fast ships.

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The optimal trim

Our system is able to tune itself automatically depending on the wind conditions to ensure optimal savings on our ship.

The exceptional lift-to-drag ratio simplifies the integration with existing hulls and propulsion systems, giving twice the performance of a symmetrical wing-sail of the same size.

The maximum power

On a ship sailing 16 knots, even the Atlantic winds are rarely at broad reach.
That's why the performance very close to the wind (20° apparent wind) is so important.

True wind
Apparent wind

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Statistics Europe > US


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